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IIF Programmes

IIF Programmes are comprehensive and designed innovatively
with crricula at par with MBA and Ph.D of international
standards based on international experiences and the need
of Indian Industry .

The Programmes are thoroughly unique in terms of the coverage ,
solution of financial instruments to the background of its faculty
and guest speakers.
The development of individual skills and decision making capacity is emphasized throughout.

The medium of instruction is Engilish as well as hindi

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Regular Programs
Distance Learning Programs
Regular Programs
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Management of Business Finance (MBF) (2 year Full Time)
   (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance Approved by AICTE)
Executive Management of Business Finance (EMBF) (3 year Full Time)
Fellow Programme in Business Administration (FBA[Finance])
   (3 yr Full Time Research Programme along the lines of Ph.D)
Short Term Research Programmes (STRP) (2 to 12 Month)
Management Development Programmes (MDP)
Faculty Development Program (FDP)
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