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National Education Leadership Award by Vijayavani (September, 2015).

Best Financial Educational Institute in 2015 by the 2015 Leadership Awards (Education) by 24MRC (2015).

18th Dewang Mehta B-School Award for Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in Finance in India (November, 2010).

Best Institute ofor Financial Management Studies in India by Big Brands Academy (Big Brands Reearch), 2011,2012.

A++ Business School by Business India, 2010, 2011.

A3 Category Business School in India by Indian Management, Business Standard, 2010,2011.

A+++ Category Business School with 2nd Rank in Pedagogy, 1st Rank in Placements and 3rd Rank in Global Exposure by Yuva Magazine, 2011.

40th B-School of Excellence by Competetion Success Review, 2011.

78th (2011) and 66th (2010) Business School in India by The Week.

T3 (2011) and T4 (2010) by Career 360.

30th India's Top B-School by The Pioneer (2011).

11th Top of the Mind Institute by The Mail Today, September 2010.

A+++ Business School by Just Careers, January 2010 .

Global Ranking (35th in Indian Sub-continentout of 3456 Universities) by CINDOC-CSIC, Spain, January 2008.

A+ Business School with Avg Salary Rs. 10.2 Lakhs by Business India, October 2008.

24th Best Placement Offered Business School by Hindustan Times, June 2004.

The Best NICHE B-school FINANCE in India by outlook September 2003.

The Best Sectoral Business School in Finance in India by Outlook September 2002.

9th Best Sectoral School in India by MRDA Survey September 2001.

26th for Intellectual Captial by Indian Management (AIMA) December 2003.

21th Best placement offered Business school by Indian Management (AIMA) January 2003.

24th Best Placement offered Business School by Indian Manageent (AIMA) January 2003.

24th Best Placement offered Business School with moderate fee by Management Refresher September 2002

25th Best B-school for placements in Indian by outlook-Money September 2003

27th for Governance by Indian Management (AIMA) January 2003

27th World Wide amongst 79 finance institutions by American Statistical Assoiation based on ratings (Business & Economic Datalinks) in August 2002. Some of the other institution rated are IFC, JP Morgan, NBER,Journal of Finance, FRB at Louis, FRB, at Chicago,Mit- Harvard Datalink, Journal of Applied Economics, US Treasury, and others.

34th Best Placement offered Business School in India by Intelligent Investor October 2001

40th World Wide amongest 148 institution (of finance, macro-econpmic and labour & micro-economic) by American Statistical Association in August 2002 based on ratings for dissemination financial and corporate information.

  • Marquis Whos Who in the World
  • Marquis Whos Who in finance & Industry
  • Udyog Rattan Puraskar
  • Shiksha Rattan Puraskar
  • AIMA Fellow Award
  • Biography listed in Rifacimento International
  • Hony. Membership of New York Academy of Sciences, USA  

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