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The computer center provides a centralized computing facility to complement the teaching and research function of the Institute. Various software packages and graphic tools are maintained to facilitate the general computing requirements. IIF has developed a well equipped computer center (60 Computers) supported by IBM Pentium III 200 X and IBM Pentium II Net finity 3000 based server with multiple Pentium 233 Mhz nodes & stand alone PCs with Multi Media Facilities. Various software packages, financial packages & graphical tools are maintained to facilitate the general computing requirement.

Peripherals used at present are HP Laser Printers,CD-RW, HP 3p Scan jet, HP Deskjet Printers, Dot -Matrix Printers, mouse & high speed fax Modems.

IIF Computer Centre also offers 24 hours Internet and E-Mail facilities to have an easy global access.

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Computer Center
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