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Ph. D. Program

Indian Institute of Finance offers Ph.D. Program in collaboration with University of Mysore, as a recognised Centre of Research of University of Mysore in the areas of Commerce, Economics, Management and Statistics.
The Ph.D. Program is designed strictly as per the UGC Regulations on minimum Standard and Procedures for the award of M.Phil/Ph.D Degree, Regulations 2009 and guidelines for admission in Ph.D.
The objective of Ph. D. Programme:

1. To train people to produce high quality research thereby making significant original contribution to existing knowledge, and worthy of publication in refereed international journals.

2. To fill the existing gap in demand and supply of professionals holding Ph.D.

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. Supervisor:

1. The Institute shall permit a Research Supervisor for Ph.D programme as per the criteria laid down for the purpose.

2. The Institute shall lay down and decide on annual basis, a predetermined and manageable number of doctoral students depending upon the number of Faculty members available or eligible number of Faculty Supervisors. No supervisor shall be allowed to have, at any given point of time more than eight Ph. D. Scholars.

3. The number of seats decided in advance shall be notified on Institute’s website or through advertisement in national dailies. The admission to Ph.D. programme shall be conducted on regular basis.

Procedure for Admission

(i) All students shall be admitted through Entrance Test conducted at the level of the Institute. However, there shall be separate terms and conditions for those students who qualify UGC/CSIR (JRF) examinations/SLET/GATE/teacher fellowship holder or have passed M.Phil programme for Ph.D. Entrance test.

(ii) It shall be followed by an interview to be organised by the Institute.

(iii) At the time of interview the doctoral candidates are expected to discuss their research interest/area.

(iv) Only the predetermined number if found eligible shall be admitted to Ph.D. Programme. The admission to the programme shall be either directly or through M.Phil Programme, as per the University norm.

(v) While granting admission to students to Ph.D. programme, the Institute will pay attention to the National/State Reservation Policy.

Allocation of Supervisor

The allocation of the supervisor for a selected student shall be decided by the Department/Institute Research committee in a formal manner depending on the number of student per faculty member, the available specialization among the Faculty supervisors and the research interest of the student as indicated during interview by the student The allotment/ allocation of supervisor shall not be left to the individual student or teacher.

Course Work

After having been admitted, each Ph.D student shall be required by the Institute, as the case may be, to undertake course work for a minimum period of one semester. The course work shall be treated as pre Ph.D preparation and shall include a course on research methodology, quantitative methods and Computer Applications and some basic courses as decided by the Institute research committee from time to time. It may also involve reviewing of published research in the relevant field . The Institute shall decide the minimum qualifying requirement for allowing a student to proceed further with the writing of the dissertation.


If found necessary the course work may be carried out by doctoral candidates, in sister Departments/Institutes either within or outside the Institute for which due credit will be given to them.

Evaluation and Assessment Methods

1. Upon satisfactory completion of course work and research methodology, which shall form part & parcel of Ph.D. Programme, the Ph.D Scholar shall undertake research work and produce a draft thesis within a reasonable time, as stipulated by the Institute/ department concerned.

2. Prior to submission of the thesis, the student shall make a Ph.D presentation in the Department/Institute that may be open to all faculty members and research students, for getting feedback and comments, which may be suitably incorporated into the draft thesis under the advice of the supervisor.

3. Ph.D candidates shall publish at least one research paper in a referred Journal before the submission of the thesis/monograph for adjudication, and produce evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter or the reprint.

4. The thesis produced by a Ph.D student in the Department /Institute and submitted to the Institute shall be evaluated by at least two experts, out of which at least one shall be from outside the State or country as the Institute may decide.

5. On receipt of satisfactory evaluation reports, Ph.D student shall undergo a viva-voice examination which shall also be openly defended.

Depository with UGC

1. Following the successful completion of the evaluation process and announcements of the award of Ph.D, the Institute shall submit a soft copy of the Ph.D thesis to University of Mysore for onward transmission to the UGC within a Period of thirty days, for hosting the same in INFLIBNET, accessible to all Institutions/Universities.

2. Along with the Degree, the Institute/University of Mysore as the case may be shall issue a Provisional Certificate certifying to the effect that Degree has been awarded in accordance with the provisions to the Regulations of the UGC.


1. To be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. Programme, a candidate must have obtained Masters/M.Phil degree of UGC recognised University or a Post-Graduate Degree in an allied subject equivalent thereof. He/She must have obtained either a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent grade in the M.Phil degree or a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent grade in the Master’s degree. The candidates should possess consistently a good academic record.

2. Candidates having an MBA/PGDM/Master’s Degree in an allied subject from UGC recognised University would be required to write the written test for admission to the Ph.D. Programme. Such applicants should have a minimum of two years of experience post their MBA/PGDM/Master’s Degree on the date of writing the admission test.

3. Candidates with Bachelor’s Degree of four years or more, viz B.Tech or M.B.B.S. who have obtained a minimum of 70% and 80% marks or equivalent grades respectively and also have obtained any national level fellowships are also eligible to apply for the Ph.D. programme.

4. Permanent teachers of any UGC recognised University/College/AICTE approved Institution, other than the University of Mysore, employees of a Research Institute in India and candidates sponsored by their employers shall be considered for admission the Ph.D. Programme on full time basis only if they obtain study leave for a period of two years to fulfil the residency requirements of the Ph.D. Programme of Institute/University of Mysore.

5. Working Executives with an experience of at least 3 years in Industry, Banks, Public Sector or Government subject to the fulfilment of point 1 to 4 above.

6. Faculty of the Business Schools, Colleges/Universities and other Educational Institutions, subject to the fulfilment of the conditions under (1);

7. Candidates successfully passing of written admission test and personal interview holding the qualifications and experiences as mentioned here in above from (1 to 3).

8. In case of foreign candidates, there would be an online test and e – interview. Foreign candidates shall be required to submit equivalence certificate of Master Degree as per the norms of Institute/University and University Grant Commission (UGC).

Admission Procedure

Admission forms can be obtained from the office of Institute or downloaded from the website: www.iif.edu. The completed application form should reach the Institute before the last date as announced from time to time together with a demand draft of Rs.1250 drawn in favour of "Indian Institute of Finance" payable in Greater Noida or Delhi or Pay Online at http://registration.iif.edu/OnlinePayment.html

Candidates shall be admitted twice a year in July and December every year. Written admission test is conducted by IIF for admission into Ph.D. program of the University. The admission to the Ph.D. Program shall be strictly on merit as per merit list prepared in descending order. The candidates from the list shall be offered admission depending upon the seats available. The admission shall be subject to the approval of the University of Mysore. Candidates are required to fill up the university Joining form with the prescribed fees.

The candidates are given a fixed time period from the date of enrolment in the university for selecting the topic and preparation of synopsis under the supervision of the guide appointed by the institute and approved by the university The candidates are required to present the synopsis to the departmental research committee of the institute in a seminar. Seminar may be attended by University nominees, including outside expert(s). After the approval of the synopsis, candidates are required to fill up registration form. After approval of the synopsis by departmental research Committee in the seminar, the synopsis may be forwarded to the university, for approval. The filled up form of registration for Ph. D. has to be submitted to the University along with the synopsis and requisite/prescribed fee through the Director/dean of the research committee of the Institute.

In case, the candidate is advised to revise the synopsis, candidate shall get six weeks’ time to present the revised synopsis to the departmental/research committee.

Candidates will join the Ph.D courses, immediately after the offer of admission.

Interested candidates may contact office of the Dean (Research) on all working days for further inquiry. Information bulletin of the program along with admission form to the Institute, is available on payment of Rs. 1250/- by demand draft, payable to Indian Institute of Finance payable in Greater Noida. Or form can be submitted on line and the payment can be made on line.


Course Work Structure of Ph.D.

The Objective of the course work is to help a candidate develop analytical and quantitative skills to pursue his /her research.

Compulsory Papers

1. Research Methodology & Data Base Management;

2. Quantitative Techniques: Statistics, Econometrics, and Operations Research

Any two of the following:

1 Accounting,
2 Economics,
3.General Management,
4 Corporate Finance

Candidates may be granted exemptions in any one or more of the above courses, provided the candidate has pursued the course at master’s or M.Phil level with minimum of 60% marks and to the satisfaction of the research committee. However, the candidate has to write a term paper in which exemption is granted and pay the prescribed fee. The term paper is to be to the satisfaction of Institute’s research committee.


Programme Fee and Expenses

Fees Structure

1. The institute reserves the right to change the fee and charges, if necessary.

2. The Fees is payable at the beginning of the year.

3. The candidate may be required to pay fee to the university as per the fee determined by University of Mysore from time to time if any.

Financial Assistance

(i) Full time scholars may be considered for financial assistance/tuition waiver/teaching assistance.

(ii) Full time scholars whose parental income is Rs.two lakh or less than two lakh would be considered for 50% fee concession.

(iii) Part-time scholars teaching in colleges/universities or educational institutions may also be considered for 50% fee concession.

(iv) In case Exemption is granted from a course (paper) and term paper in lieu there of is required to be submitted, the fee applicable for that course would be 50% of that course fee.

(v) No financial assistance/tuition waiver shall be granted to employed candidates pursuing part-time Ph.D.

Attendance Requirement

Candidates are required to attend 75 per cent of total classes. Classes for part-time candidates shall be held on every Saturdays and Sundays.

The candidates, who do not fulfil attendance requirement, will not be allowed to appear in examinations.

The admission to Ph.D. Programme of such candidates may also be cancelled by the approval of the Institute’s research committee.

Time limit of Completing Ph.D.

A candidate shall not be allowed to submit thesis before the expiry of two years after successfully completing the course work to the satisfaction of the Institute. (Total/Minimum time required to complete Ph.D. is two and half year i.e. six months of course work and two years of written thesis)

Candidates may be allowed to pursue Ph.D. under joint supervision as per the rules of the Institute/University of Mysore and as recommended by departmental/Institute research committee.

In case a candidate fails to submit his written thesis within 3 years he/she will continue pay his/her yearly fee till he submits his thesis. In case of inordinate delay in completing the course work, admission in the programme may be cancelled

The maximum period of completing Ph.D. shall be 5 years. However, the period may be extended for another five years after paying the prescribed fee and on the recommendations of the supervisor/Head of department and approved by DRC and University of Mysore. No further extension shall be granted under any circumstances.

Notes: 1. The decision of Institute in consultation with the university shall be final with regard to the selection of candidates for admission;
2. The candidate shall submit the no objection certificate of the employer (if applicable);
3. The candidate shall submit an experience certificate, giving details of his/her work Experience till date, duly certified by current employer.

Online Application Form: http://registration.iif.edu
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