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Abour MDP
IIF has set up the MDP division which endeavors to contribute extensively to training in modern finance and its use. It is currently offering short term management development programmes of 1 to 5 days duration for top level, middle level and other senior executives of private and public sector enterprises, banks, insurance companies and financial institutions etc. Each programme is a stimulating learning experience which helps to upgrade managerial skills. 

Special emphasis is placed on practical applications as well as on an understanding of fundamentals. The programmes seek to sharpen the skills of participants with the perspective, tools and techniques needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive financial environment

The objectives of conducting these programmes are:

  • To generate awareness and appreciation of the finance function among the finance and non-finance executives.
  • To develop an intellectual curiosity that encourages one to strive for excellence.
  • To educate and disseminate knowledge with some of the latest techniques, methods and procedures used for effective management of Finance.
  • To share and discuss the latest financial innovations based on empirical research conducted in India and abroad.
  • To provide a forum to executives to discuss among themselves and with the experts from  academia and industry.

The programmes are thoroughly unique in terms of their coverage, solutions of financial instruments, to background of its facilty and guest speakers. The development of individual skills and decision making capacity is emphasized through out. The treatment of fundamentals and theory is provided sytematically by the faculty through
  • Panel Discussions
  • Practical Problem Solving Sessions
  • Case Studies
  • Role Play and Syndicate Sessions
  • Brain Storming Sessions
  • Use of Audio Visual Aids

Ample opportunity is provided to the participants to raise specific issues and share of their experiences.

Working Shedule
IIF has been actively involved in organizing various workshops for the Finance and Non Finance Executives, for better understanding of the market and the influence of finance on business operations. The workshops which are conducted on a regular basis are: 
  1. Zero Base Budgeting
  2. Finance for non-finance Executives
  3. Budgeting and Budgetary Control
  4. Corporate Financial management
  5. Financial Statement Analysis
  6. Financial Management in Public Sector Enteprises
  7. Financial Planning and Management
  8. Security Analysis and Portfolio

    Details on the above MDP Programs condected
The short term Management Development Programmes are designed to suit the individual requirements of sponsoring enterprises. An in-depth and thorough analysis of an organization is made before determining the final contents of the programme.

Fee Structure

The programme fee varies depending upon the duration of the programme.

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