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. Preface
1. Organisation Theory
Components of Working Capital
Cash Management
Marketable Securities
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Management
Current Liabilities
Components of Short-term Financing
Management of Working Capital
Empirical Studies on Cash Management
2. Working Capital Management
The Need for Working Capital
Working Capital Cycle
Working Capital Management
Determinants of Working Capital
Optimum level of Working Capital
Components of Working Capital
Raw Materials stock
Finished Goods
Book Debts/Receivables
Cash and Bank Balances
3. The Role of Working Capital in Public and Private Enterprises
Working Capital: The Concept
Why Working Capital is Needed?
Public Sector the Nucleus
Behaviour of Components of Working Capital in Public and Private Enterprises
4. Management of Working Capital - Perceptions of Chief Executives
Objectives and Policy
Size of Working Capital
Working Capital Planning
Working Capital Norms
Working Capital & Operational Environment
Control of Working Capital
Components of Working Capital
Inventory Norms
Inventory Control
Problems of Working Capital
5. Management of Working Capital in ECIL
An Introduction to ECIL
Organisational Structure
Product Groups
Consumer Electronics Group(CEG)
Communication System Group(CNSG)
Importance of the Product Groups and their relative position.
Working Capital Polities and Practices
Working Capital Trend
Inventory and its components
Sources of Working Finance
Working Capital Variance
The Operating Cycle
Concluding Observations
6. Working Capital: A Conceptual and Contextual Analysis with reference to a State Transport Corporation in Tamilnadu
Financial Objectives Planning and Control
Working Capital - Concept and Definitions
Classification of Working Capital
Cost Considerations and Working Capital
Working Capital Policy
Characteristics of Working Capital Components
Special Features of Working Capital in Corporations
Corporation Objectives and Working Capital
Funds and Sources
Working Capital Components and Analysis
Closing Stock to Total Revenue
Purchases to Consumption
Closing Stock per bus
Cash and Bank Balance to Cash-in-Transit
Cash and Bank Balance to Current Assets
Book Debts to Working Capital
Book Debts to Revenue
7. Managing Working Capital by Strategic Choice
The Problem Risks in Working Capital Management
Liquidity Risk
Risk of Opportunity Loss
Delay Centres
Underlying Process
Raw Material Inventory
Purchase, Production, and Sales Plans
Controllable Factors
Projecting Changes 
Industry Norm Approach
Economic Model Approach
Strategic Choice Approach
Building Competitive Strength
8. Working Capital Management in SSI - An Empirical Study
Investment in Current Assets
Composition of Current Assets
Current Assets to Sales Ratio
Current Ratio
Acid Test or Quick Ratio
Debtors to Sales Ratio
Inventory to Sales Ratio
Summary and Conclusions
9. Working Finance in National Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd
Tamil Nadu - A Case study
Justification for the Study
Data and Methodology
Working Capital Analysis
Financing of Working Capital
Working Capital Estimation and the Resultant Variations
Impact of Working Capital on Profitability
Multiple Regression Model
10. Working Capital Needs and Availability of Bank Credit
11. Cash Management in Indian Industries 
Adequacy of Cash
Control of Cash Flows
Investing Excess Cash
12. EOQ with Multi Items
Numercial Example
Data Table
13. Quantitative Tools in Management of Working Capital
Systems Approach to working Capital Management
Sub-systems of Working Capital
Quantitative Tools
Inventory Management Decision
Inventory Control: Measures of Managerial Efficiency
Essential Aspects of Inventory Problems
Inventory Models:
Dynamic Probabilistic Model Under Fixed-Order System
Holding Costs of Safety Stock
Probability of being safe/short (if R-M)
Decision Dynamics
14. Goal-Programming Model for Working Capital Management
Liquidity Goals
Profitability Goals
Current Asset Sub goals
Current Liabilities Sub goals
15. Dehejia Committee Report
Dehejia Study Group
Major Findings
Inflation of Bank Credit
Diversion of Short-term Credit
Present Lending System
16. Tandon and Chore Committee Recommendations
Level of Current Assets
Flexibility from Norms
Approach to Lending
Style of Credit
Financing inventories in excess norms
Treatment to be given to the excess borrowings
New Structure of Cash Credit Facility
Financing the Sales Receivables
New Information System
No Structural Changes-Continuation of Cash Credit Loan and Bills Facilities
Review of Borrowal Accounts 
Bifurcation of Cash Credit Limit
Estimates for the ensuing quarter
Performance during the previous quarter
Half Yearly Operating and Funds Flow Statements - Form III
Application of Second Method of Lending
Working Capital Term Loan
'Peak Level' and 'Normal Non-Peak Level' limits
Adhoc or Temporary Limits
Sanctioning of Additional Limits
Fixation of Operative Limits
Cash Credit Limits Against Book Debts
Drawee Bill Scheme
Bill Discounting System
17. Summary of the Report of the Study Group to Frame Guidelines for Follow-up of Bank Credit
18. Summary of Observations & Recommendations of the Report of the Committee to Review the Working of the Credit Authorization Scheme
19. Summary and Recommendations of Chakravarti Committee Report
20. Summary of Recommendations of the N.Veghul Committee Report on the Money Market
Call Money
Bills Rediscounting
Short-Term Commercial Paper
Government Paper
Setting up of a Finance House
Development of New Instruments 
Inter-Bank Participation Certificates
Certificates of Deposit
Factoring Services
Legislative Changes
Time Frame of Implementation
21. Summary of the Kalayansundram Report
Composition and Terms of Reference
Concept and Types of Factoring Services
Need for Factoring Services in India and Assessment of Demand
Pricing of Various Services
Organisational Set Up
Educating Business Community About Factoring 
Mechanisation of Factoring Operations
Credit Investigation
Linkages Between Banks and Factors
SSI Units and Factoring
Export Factoring
Legal Frame Work
22. Summary of Recommendations of the Report of the Inter Institutional Group on Co-Ordination between Term Lending Institutions and Commercial Banks
23. Summary of Major Recommendations of K.S.Krishnaswamy Committee Report on Priority Sector Lending and the 20 Point Economic Programme: Role of Banks
24. Recommendation of D.Basu Report of Task Force on Money
Market Mutual Funds
Structure of MMMFs
Mobilisation of Resources by MMMFs
Investment pattern of MMMFs
Management of MMMFs
Regulatory Measures
Legislative Changes
Annexure I
Money Market and Funds(MMMFs)
25. Summary of the Working Group to Consider Feasibility of Introducing MICR/OCR Technology for Cheque Processing
Credit Clearing or GIRO - Concept, Utility and Modalities for Implementation
Cheque Encoding Techniques - MICR and OCR - A Comparative Study
Specifications for Cheque Forms Printing/Code Line etc.
Principles of Cheque design
Defined Standards
26. Summary of Observations & Recommendations of the Report S.S.
Marathe Committee to Review the Working of the Credit Authorization Scheme
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