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IIF Publications: Quantitative Techniques for Financial Analysis, Vol.II Article




Information Needs of Shareholder and Corporate Disclosure -- An Empirical Investigation

Subhash C. Sharma and Jaswant R. Prashar

2 The Weekend Effect on Daily and Weekly Stock Returns: A Comparison

Gordon Y.N. Tang

3 Portfolio Diversification Effect in Exchange Rat Risk

Gordon Y.N. Tang

4 Polarisation of Ratios: Concept of Polaregression: Empirical Analysis of 
Financial Ratios of SFCs

R.S. Murali

5 Inter Company Financial Analysis of Tea Industry Retrospect and Prospect

P. Kallu Rao

6 Thinness of Trading in Equity Market - Evidence and Procedure for Correction of its Effects from an Asia-Pacific Market

Mohamed Ariff

7 Interdependencies Between the U.S. and Three Major European Equity Markets

Thomas Reader and Allan Young

8 Using Discriminant Analysis to Determine A set of Financial Ratios to Control the Company Level Performance: An Empirical Study of the Paint Industry in India

P.L. Joshi and S. Ramani

9 Financial Ratios: A Behavioural Viewpoint

Keishiro Matsumoto, Malekote K. Shivaswamy and James P. Hoban Jr.

10 Behaviour of Equity Share Prices in India A Micro Time-Series Study

R.P. Mahapatra and Promod K. Sahu

11 Depreciation Accounting - A Probabilistic Approach 

Jai Dav Agarwal

12 A Test Equivalent Risk Class Hypothesis

K. Sivakumar

13 Duration of Common Stocks in Singapore

Mohamed Ariff and Ong Kar Lmm

14 Information Content of Financial Statements and Equity Stock Prices in India

K. Chandra Kaekhara Rao and Manick Raj

15 Risk Assessment and Accounting Information

Satinder Palaha

16 Capital Budgeting Decision Under Risk & Uncertainty


17 A Goal Programming Model for Working Capital Management

J.D. Agarwal

18 A Stochastic Goal Programming Model for Capital Budgeting Decisions under Uncertainty

J.D. Agarwal

19 Capital Budgeting Decisions: A Fuzzy Programming Model

J.D. Agarwal and Chandra Prakash Gupta

20 A Fuzzy Goal Programming Model with Additivity Structure to Capital Budgeting Decision

J.D. Agarwal and Chandra Prakash Gupta

Bibliography : Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions & Financial Analysis
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