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India adsviory council
International  Adsviory Council



  • To be a center of excellence, a base for scholarship, high quality professional education, research, training and consultancy.
  • To contribute to the process of nation building by developing necessary human resources with highly specialized financial skills and thorough research.
  • To help increase the global competitiveness of Indian Industry and India by providing the international financial perspective and database.

  • IIF holds highest respect for law, believes in self regulation and market recognition.
  • To foster creativity, innovativeness, analytical ability through total personality development, with an appropriate blend of Indian ethos and Western philosophy of management
  • To foster a sense of hard work, commitment, devotion, discipline and nationalism.
  • To foster management practice through experiential learning with an appropriate blend of theory & practice.
  • To help reap the fruits of first rate education and to meet the challenges of exciting years that lie ahead.

  • To fill the gap in the existing education & higher learning than substituting the existing system
  • To reach and provide education to those where no education facilities are available
  • As a socially responsible organisation to give special consideration to the Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes candidates; Handicapped candidates; Personnel from Defence Forces including War Widows; College and University teachers and their wards
  • As an act of Philanthropy the Institute grants Scholarships / Graduate Assistantships to all the deserving cases; In the past about 10 % students are granted Tuition fees waiver; Fellowships; Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships.
  • The Institute feels responsible to consider that the nation; society; the world at large; employers; parents of students / funding agencies such as banks or donors and lastly the students and employees as the major stakeholders

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