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ADVERTISEMENT was commercially launched on 4th July, 1996 founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It was used to send and receive mail on web anywhere in the world for free. With 2MB free storage, Hotmail created the hype among the pioneers of Worldwide Web technology A.K.A the first users of web mail services. The title included the elements of HTML (HoTMaiL) Hypertext Markup Language used to create web pages.

Despite the limited access of Worldwide Web to majority of people, it became a hub of over 8.5 million users in a short span of 1.5years, by December 1997. Given its popularity among WWW users, Hotmail was sold to Microsoft for $400 million and it entered the pool of MSN Web services. became the world’s largest webmail service with over 30 million live users from around the globe on a single platform.


How to Signup

I hope now you know that you have enough reasons to sign up on Hotmail, right? And yes, you can still signup using Hotmail email address. Just hang out with us for a little while more as I present you a simple way to Hotmail Signup which are as follows:

  • Open your Internet browser. You can use Mozilla, Chrome or Microsoft edge but make sure you’re using the latest versions of browsers for flawless access.

  • Go to -Mind you, outlook is just another name for Hotmail.

  • You will be redirected to Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail) Home Page.

  • Navigate to “Create Free Account”.

  • From here, you can start writing your new email address. But be ready to try a combination of email addresses because your desired email address may already have been taken (since millions of users). So, keep trying until you have a valid email address for you.

  • To select, open a drop down ˅ menu.

  • You will be led to “Create a Password” window.

  • Enter a strong combination of numbers and words in password text box.

  • Write your “First name” and “Surname” in designated text boxes.

  • Then, you will be asked to enter your date of birth and your country. Enter your “Country /Region”, “Date”, “Month” and “Year” of birth.

  • To make sure the request to create an account is not directed by a robot, you will be ask a little security puzzle shown below to verify the authenticity of your request.
    Each request have a different puzzle. In my case, I was to identify the picture with crab for a number of times to verify the authenticity of my request to sign up on Hotmail (Outlook)

  • (Hotmail) will ask you to stay signed in or sign out. Select your suitable option and carry on.

After a successful Hotmail signup, Go to and Click Sign in, enter your credentials to sign in. you will be redirected to your Hotmail inbox associated with your Hotmail email Address.

Although we discussed the A-Level Security software used by Hotmail but there are some ways to secure your Hotmail account even more. You can add and edit your information like Phone Number, Recovery Phone/Email, Security information and Privacy Setting from settings located around top right corner of your Hotmail inbox.

More About Hotmail

MSN Hotmail

As the rocket of development in Worldwide Web took its flight, other services like instant messaging service, social media networking, MSN live Space and live messenger also emerged as MSN (Microsoft Network) Hotmail. MSN Hotmail allowed millions of its users to stay up-to-date with what’s happening around the world, share information, and store information in SkyDrive (Now: One Drive). MSN still is in its original form today. The website itself have a number of its flagship application listed on its home page. Weather forecast, latest news from around the world, MS Store, social media apps, Twitter, Skype and outlook are still associated with the name of Microsoft Network (MSN).

Windows Live Hotmail

Windows live Hotmail was yet another name for Hotmail web mailing service, rebranded by Microsoft. A Desktop based email program had live chat to send and receive information on the spot while online with internet. Windows Live was available on Mobiles, Website and In a Desktop version which was accessible on PC having a connection of Internet. The label of LIVE was to indicate LIVE applications including Hotmail Live, Xbox Live, Microsoft Office Live and Live Games for Windows. (Hotmail)

Finally the name Gen Z is most familiar with is (former Hotmail). It was the biggest rebranding of Web based mail service. Outlook is a counterpart of Gmail in terms of Email services, personalization and synchronization.

The name “HoTMaiL”

Hotmail went through a lot in terms of names, after it was bought by Microsoft. Microsoft is ought to indicate its ownership in all of its services, so it tried to re-launch Hotmail as MSN, Windows Live Hotmail and now Outlook. Despite its efforts to replace HTML inspired Hotmail with MS inspired name, the name “Hotmail” survived through all mutations because it brought about the beginning of a technological era in Worldwide Web. Millennial still refer to it as Hotmail while it’s now called Outlook for Gen Z. if you want to gain access to millennial favorite webmail service, we have listed down all the instructions to sign up with address.

Hotmail Features

Webmail Service

The main feature of Hotmail is Instant communication with people from around the world. Hotmail was one of the first and the biggest web mail service to provide access to sending and receiving mail using internet. This feature took Worldwide Web to storm as no such service was offered before on internet for free hence making it one, the biggest web mail service back in the days.


Although Hotmail Email is not end-to-end encrypted but it’s still one of the most secured and safe email service today. HTTPS is A-Level Security feature that secures the entire session from logging in to logging out of the session.


Since Hotmail is a product of Microsoft, MS allows its user to access a combination of its useful services/products. Hotmail users can easily view, edit and share their documents In Hotmail Cloud Office built in Hotmail. The hassle of downloading the document and editing it from desktop application and then sending it back again on Hotmail is now an easy editing job.

Sending Huge File

Microsoft owned One Drive is integrated with Hotmail. One drive is used to store, send, and share files in a secure way, it has 5 GB of free space which can be used to store data. Users can send up to 10 GB files in a single email, that file is hosted on One drive. A recipient receives a URL to that file for easy access. One Drive In collaboration with Hotmail, offers a file sharing service to its users.

Sending Images

Hotmail initially started with Web based mail service, a mean to communicate via text messages/email. Later, more fascinating features started to emerge. Out of which, one was picture sending feature. A feature of attaching a file other than text allows a user to attach an image/file from their PC and send it via email to people around the world.

Quick Search

Digging up an email from the ocean of emails is a task that requires a tons of time and patience. Users can search their desired email with the help of quick search on hotmail.

Scheduled Email

Don’t know if you’ll remember to text your spouse’s parent happy birthday? Schedule an email on Hotmail and let Hotmail send an email wishing your Mother-in-Law happy birthday. Same can be done for millions of different occasions and situations. Just write an email, schedule it for later and Hotmail will send it when you’ve scheduled it for.

Hotmail benefits

Microsoft Products Support

With name, comes the fame and benefits. The success of Microsoft throughout the years is not a secret in Worldwide Web industry . Microsoft not only owns Hotmail (Outlook) but also MS. Office, MS. One Drive and Skype are some of its most popular and very big ticket products of today. Even though you can access these products with any email address you have but the compatibility cannot be met with any email address other than Hotmail (outlook). Hotmail users can access MS. Office, MS. One Drive and Skype directly from Hotmail (Outlook) Website.

Stay Linked

With Hotmail synchronization with MS. Suite of products, it’s easier to sync contacts, calendar events, reminders and update throughout all social media platforms. It makes management easier for all major social media websites.

Spam Filter

Hotmail Spam filters out the unnecessary emails from entering your inbox. With email marketing and social media spamming on peak, It’s hard to tell an authentic source from a spam. Hotmail has a built in spam filtering software that looks out for sources of spam and scam email addresses and redirects all those emails to spam folder to keep it out of your way.

Ad Free

If you’re fed up of ads showing up in the middle of an important email, I bet the reason for you to sign up on Hotmail immediately is the fact that Hotmail shows relatively less ads than rest of your conventional web email service.

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