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Hotmail is First free email service in the early years of the 2000s. I am sure many of you had an account there too. Today we will talk about and also will discuss how we can use the new version of Hotmail email service in 2021. Also, we will tell you how we can take the most benefits from

How to Login Hotmail:

This is a helping guideline for those who are finding difficulty in signing with.

Follow this quick step and make yourself login again.

  1. Go to and you will see a sign-in option on your right-hand side.

  2. Click on it and write your email address or your username or your contact number.

  3. Press the Tab button to enter your password and click on to sign in option.

  4. If you have forgotten your password. Click on forgot password, then it will send you confirmation email or text on your phone.

Early History of Hotmail.

In 1996, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith have launched the first free email service. They named it Hotmail. At that time there was no such concept about writing emails. After one year, in 1997 Microsoft Company has takeover Hotmail. In 2012 Microsoft changed Hotmail into

In the early stage, Hotmail was offering its user’s free Sign Up and login option. Also, Hotmail is monitoring the spam emails and giving 250 GB free storage to its users. Later users can buy more storage according to their needs. was not scanning, viruses only. I also was offering a Calendar to mark important dates as well. Users could save their contacts in an address book too.

Nowadays is giving free unlimited storage. users can connect their accounts to Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and Google.

Advantages of Using Hotmail:

We cannot deny this fact that Hotmail which calls now is the best email service. Here we are going to tell you the top best advantages of using in 2020.

Organized Folder:

In Hotmail, You can see the ‘Folders’ option on your left-hand side. Users can organize important emails in different folders. This option will organize all the emails at once. Folder option is good for all the users, especially for students, writers, and teachers.

Best Spamming.

As we all are aware of cyber crimes and we must think about the privacy of our office and personal data. Hotmail is proving the best spamming and security to its users.

Every unknown email will go into Junk Folder, and Hotmail will delete the junk folder in every 10 days.

Easy Searches.

With, it is very easy to track down anything youre searching for. It permits customers to use watchwords to discover contacts, dates, and messages. This feature can use with any Outlook program, including Contact Manager and Calendar.

Best for professionals.

Many Organizations are using Hotmail as their email providing service. Establish organizations can pay a handsome amount for their ease and comfort. Hotmail has many powerful highlights and capabilities which can make things more organized. Most of the organizations want their professional email provider to be organized to take tasks further.


Users can use this option for building and dealing with their sites, workspaces, and others. This is the best option for those who dont have much time to spend.

Microsoft sends notifications through email and after that users can engage through SharePoint.

Schedule your Contacts. can save your contacts through artificial intelligence. This will help users to find their contacts when the user has to send messages or meeting demands.


In the above article, we have mentioned the topmost advantages of using Hotmail. Here we are also mentioning some weak points which you should also know.


In 2020, when many email services are proving free of cost service to their customers such as Gmail. As compared to others, Microsoft outlook is charging a few hundred dollars. Which only organizations can afford. Its difficult for an individual to spend such an amount when you can have almost the same features for free.

How to Sign up Hotmail:

If you don’t have already an account then we will be going to tell you some very easy and simple steps. You can follow these steps and you can create an account on Hotmail.

  1. First of all, open your web browser, type in the URL bar, and press enter.

  2. You will see a new page. Click the Sign Up Button.

  3. Now it’s time to name your email address. You can pick any unique name. If that will fit criteria, then the web page will take you forward. If not, then will give you some unique options. Read it and select any option according to your preference.

  4. Great! Now it’s to select your password. Use numeric and symbol in your password (Make sure you will save the password somewhere.)

  5. After the password, in the next step, you have to add your first and the last name for verification.

  6. Add your age and country and provide your date of birth on the next page .

  7. The last step is. will give you a verification code, you have to fill it as it is.

Here you go. Now will see your inbox with a welcome email. You created your brand new Hotmail account by following some very simple and easy steps. Trust me, it will not take more than 5 to 7 minutes if you have an average system and an average internet connection. After that, you can add your contact details for more security and safety.

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