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interactive pedeagogy

IIF is very strict in terms of discipline and expect students to maintain high standard of ethics and good conduct, both during course of studies and afterwards.

The students are expected to attend 100% classes and be available at the Institute from 9.30 to 5.30 like executives. However, the students may be allowed concession up to a maximum of 20% attendance due to extreme contingencies on the ground of health or any other reasons. No students will be allowed to write the examination if he/she does not have a minimum of 80% attendance.

They are supposed to follow the rules relating to dress codes as announced from time to time. Students are treated as managers on training during the course of two years.

IIF Students are expected to attend adhere to dead lines with regard to the last date, with respect to payment of fees, submission of assignment, projects and other information asked for from time to time.

The students are also expected both within the institute campus and outside as honorary members of civilized society and not involved in any activity not acceptable to the society or against the law. In case students fail to observe the necessary norms or code of conduct a strict disciplinary action may be taken against them.

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