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ISBN : 81-85225-14-1
Year : 2004 (Ist Edition)
Pages : 118
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About the Book
Finance has emerged as one of the most vital component for growth and development. Its emergence as a discipline in the last quarter of the 20th century brings forth it’s vitality. Finance, one of the most-scarce resources, has been the constraining factor in the growth and development of an economy, firm, corporate and even an individual. Our working abroad, traveling internationally, attending and addressing international gatherings of American Finance Assoc., and Financial Management Association, and meeting with some of the leading finance professionals in Europe, Japan, US, Latin America & Far East have increasingly led us to develop a strong conviction towards the emergence of Finance as a discipline.

A decision maker is often concerned with understanding financial statements their presentation, financial analysis, and ensuring that the necessary legal requirements have been suitably met. He is little concerned with the details in which accounting records are maintained, as that is more a matter of routine and procedure once an accounting system is adopted. However he needs to have sufficient knowledge of those aspects which are intricate, require value judgement and which may have serious implications for the financial position and profitability of a firm depending upon the use of alternative decisions.

There are a large number of text books as well as research studies, available in Finance. But to the best of our knowledge there is no compendium presenting at one place the literature available on Finance, recognizing the fact that there exist wide time gap in the research being done, published in journals and included in books.

1. Financial Accounting
2. Financial Statement Analysis
3. Financial Ratios
4. Management Accounting &     Control
5. Budgeting & Budgetary &          Control
6. Human Resource Accounting
7. Inventory Planning & Control
8. Financial Bankruptcy &     Failures
9. Economic Value Addition
To fill this gap we have attempted to present in this volume the latest state-of-the-art in Finance, the volume includes extensive bibliographies on different aspects of Finance. These would be disseminated as compendium of series in “Literature in Finance".

The book would facilitate professors, researchers, post graduate & doctoral students, practicing mangers, finance executives working in the financial services sectors, banks, financial institutions, corporations and students of finance for ready referencing to further their academic and research activities to get access to works being done internationally at one place on the above topics.

About the Authors
Dr. J.D.Agarwal, Professor of Finance, is the founder Chairman of Indian Institute of Finance & Chief Editor of Finance India. He is a leading economist and financial expert.
He has contributed significantly to promote the field of finance in the last over three decades through education and research. One of his most important contributions is to found the prestigious Indian Institute of Finance in 1987, without the government aid. The Institute has become a center of excellence and a base for scholarship in the last 17 years. It is unique and solely devoted to develop the field of finance. His another contribution is to start and develop a quarterly journal of Finance—Finance India, in 1987. FI is rated at third worldwide by American Statistical Association 2003/02.
He has developed several new models and theories. Some of his works include Goal Programming Model for Capital Budgeting Decisions (CBD) with priority structuring, Stochastic Goal Programming Model for CBD under risk and uncertainty, Lexicographic ranking of multiple goals, Fuzzy GP Model for CBD, GP Model for Working Capital for business firms. His research, writings, speeches, talks and interviews on AIR and TV have had an important bearing on government policies including change in the budget timing from 5 pm to forenoon.
He has written over 13 books, edited over 65 volumes of Finance India, published over 200 research papers, 200 case studies & working papers.In the past he has taught at Shri Ram College of Commerce (University of Delhi), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Ahmadu Bello Unversity, Nigeria and Cleveland State University, U.S.A.
Professor Aman Agarwal has been felicitated with Honorary Professorship as "Professor of Uzbekistan" by Tashkent State University of Economics, in recognition of his contribution to academics and literature. He has studied at some of the most illustrious Institutions like Delhi University, Indian Institute of Finance, London School of Economics and Columbia University. Prof. Agarwal has a short stint at The World Bank in Washington, DC.
He is currently heading as Director, IIF Business School [GGSIP University]. He is editing Finance India as its Associate Editor. He is Adjunct Professor of Finance and officiating Director at Indian Institute of Finance, EB member of The Empirical Economics Letters & The Journal of Entrepreneurship. Prof. Agarwal has also been honored as the Honorary Member on the distinguished Research Board of Advisors of the ABI USA (estd. in 1967). He is invited to be the Consulting Editor of The Contemporary Who’s Who and Council Member of Singapore Tourism Board. He has been to chair technical sessions, present papers and participate in over hundred thirty national and international conferences, world over including several Universites in U.S.A, U.K, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia. He is a visiting professor to Universities in US, Europe, Latin America and South Asia.
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