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IIF/PR/2002 22nd February, 2002
Press Release

Indian Institute of Finance, has been ranked 45th, (based on ratings) by Business and Economic Data links ( of American Statistical Association) in the category of finance for maintaining Financial Database from amongst 141 organisations ranked for compiling Financial Data files World Over. Indian Institute of Finance, has also been ranked at number 66 from among 255 organisations of all categories of databases ( in Microeconomics, Labour and General Micro Economics and Finance) at the world level.

The Indian Institute of Finance, which has emerged as the leading Institute of Finance in the country is maintaing financial data base on different aspects of selected economic indicators, money and banking, international finance, international trade and industry to help researchers and policy makers.

Some of the other organisations included in ranking are Ohio State's Virtual Finance Library, Financial Databases Directory, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Korea Stock Exchange, Harvard - MIT Data Centre, University of Maryland Economic data library, New York Stock Exchange, OECD, CNN, World Bank, Nasdaq Market Data, NBER, Morgan Stanley Capital International and IFC etc.

B & E datalinks links to economic and financial data sources of interest to economists and business statisticians. This project , B & E datalinks , sponsored by the Business and Economics ( B & E) Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association ( ASA) provides users with a comprehensive set of links to data sites on the Web along with a user based assessment of the quality of each site .

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