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From: Dr. Jai Maharaj (address.below.or@web.site)
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Date: 2000/02/14

Nayee Dillee - Experts have mooted that finance minister
Yashwant Sinha should present a ''performance budget'' in
the first week of the budget session before presenting
the normal budget to take stock of the achievements of
the government. As there have been wide differences in
the budgetary figures in terms of receipts, actuals and
leakages in the past sevreal years, it is necessary to
evaluate and analyse the budgetary performance in the
previous year. Such an exercise is so far carried out in
many countries and large organisations with tremedous
benfits, financial experts said, reports UNI.

Prof JD Agarwal, director of the institute of finance,
said such an exercise will help present a more realistic
budget and outline wasteful expenditure which is of
crucial importance in view of the burgeoning expenditure
of the government. ''It will control wasteful expenditure
and make the budget more result-oriented,'' he said.

Prof Agarwal said the allocations made to various
programmes in the previous budget require thorough
monitoring, which is missing at present. 

Prof Agarwal said currently there is a lot of rhetoric
and talk about the presentation of the budget. The entire
exercise is geared to expenditure orientation rather than
performance, analysis, and evaluation of the last year's
budget. This will discourage any finance minister to
announce schemes and programmes which will not be
achievable and in case he has made such announcements it
is his duty to ensure that appropriate results are

However, performance budget's two aspects need to be

(a) Qualitative variances between the budgeted figures
for the first nine months from April one to December 31
and (b) Quantitive aspects. Wherever such variances are
more than ten per cent both in terms of proceeds and
expenditures, the finance minister should seek
explanations from the concerned ministeries and present
it to parliament, he added.

Noted corporate consultant and freelance writer DS Mehta
said the nation has a right to know that what is
announced in the budget and what is achieved or not. A
serious view needs to be taken where achievements are not
fulfilled. The two experts said the finance minister
should also inform the nation about the qualitative
achievements. In the last budget, the finance minister
announced that watershed development fund would be
established with nabard to cover 100 per cent districts.
''How many districts have been covered and what is the
qualtative achievements so far,''they asked.

In certain areas such as disinvestment and privatisation,
the government's figures are known, prof Agrawal said
adding that what is, however, required is a comrpehensive
statement from the government for the success and
failures of programmes and schemes. 

Monday, February 14, 2000
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