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IIF/1997 5th April,1997

Tremendous Improvement in Medical & Health Care Through Prison Reforms


Leadership quality and a strong information system is the code word to success be it any form of organization -private public, government or even the prisons, says Mr. R.S Gupta, Inspector General of Police (Jail), in a seminar on 'Prison Reforms' organised by Indian Institute of Finance, on 4th Apri, 1997 at 10 a.m.

While deliberating on the topic of 'Prison Reforms', Mr. R.S.Gupta menticulously draws on several aspects of prison life-its problems, difficulties, and also the great potentail at has with itself . He aslo pointed out that it this potential can not be channelised into proper shape through feforms process, the society at large will be at the mercy of criminals. Since the maximum number of prisoners are in the age group of 16-20 years and according to Mr. Gupta that population will determine the future law and order of the country.

Some of the major heights achieved through the reforms process are as follow.

* Tremendous improvement in medical & health care.
* New corners are kept separately for 3 month giving them time for adjustment and 90% of them get bailed out within 3 month.

* Special arrangments are being made t0 engage the time of all prisoners for formal education, adult eduction, games, sprots and cultural activities, meditation, vocational rehabilitation etc.
* Deaddiction center for drug addicts-the best centre in Asia.

Mr. Gupta commented that to introduce and then to implement the reforms process in prion is not a simple task as the prisoners are rather complex human beings.

Throughout his lecture, Mr. Gupta emphasis on a development of strong Management information system. He was defined the whole prison management on the basis of study of situation, prisoner's perception and then laying down systsems and subsystems and proper monitoring ands control.

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