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             1. Ph.D. Viva at Mewar University on 17th February 2018 at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.
             2. FPM course on Advanced Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis for IIM Rohtak (2016).
             3. ePGP course on Management of Financial Services for IIM Rohtak (2017).
             4. ePGP course on Management Accounting for IIM Rohtak (2017).
             5. ePGP course on International Finance for IIM Rohtak (2018).
             6. Executive MBA course on Security Analysis at Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi (2017).
             7. Executive MBA course on Financial Accounting and Decision Making at Graduate School of Business, University of South Pacific, Fiji (2015).
             8. Controller of Exams at IIF from 2008 till date.

Executive MBA Dissertations Supervised in April 2015 at Graduate School of Business (GSB), Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), University of South Pacific (USP), Fiji:

             1. Financial Analysis of Fiji Electricity Authority by Vatimi Rayalu, Laini Manuofetoa, Tamaroa Tekeiaki, Kasanita Naivaqa, Siemai Papinelu, Namrita Devi, James Chand, Emerald Khan, Mosheen Khan and Lydia Sprankle.
             2. Financial Analysis of Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH) by Vandhana Lakhan, Nitishma Mishra, Madulesh Lakhan, Melvin Sharma, Anthony Zoing, Isikeli Vulavou, Makereta Masioliva, Patrick Morell, Rohit Datt and Salanieta Mataikabara.
             3. Financial Analysis of Fiji Television Limited by Pita Moku, Mikaele Belena, Sumeet Naidu, NaagLingam Padyachi, Ben Chand and Alipate Radrodro.
             4. Financial Analysis of Airports Fiji Limited by Tiiroa Antonio, Kaateti Tooto, Moataake Kaimata, Meli Cavu and Hanisivai Visanti, April 2015, Graduate School of Business, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of South Pacific (USP), Fiji.
             5. Financial Analysis of Toyota Tsusho (South Sea) limited by Abdul Rahauf, Lanieta Gadolo, Sera Bose, Ateca Vakaloloma, Aisake Mausio, Umesh Prasad and Raymond Kumar.
             6. Financial Analysis of Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) by Avitesh, Kalo, Paula, Vishwa, Rosa and Sailosi.
             7. Financial Analysis of Toyota Tsusho (South Sea) Limited trading as Asco Motors in the Pacific by Mohammed, Meline Buadromo, Rosie Amato-Ali, Kushal Prasad and Aniruddha Kolekar.
             8. Financial Analysis of FMF Foods Limited by Muzaffar Amin, Aditya Raniga, Walter Waneoroa, Saher Buksh and Reviniti Rekenibai.
             9. Financial Analysis of Rb Patel by Nancy Kumari, Izek Lal, Faga Paulo, Esther Mario and Talei Yabakivou.
             10. Financial Analysis of Communications Fiji Limited by Nilesh Chand, Neelu Nand, Anup, Nirupa Devi, Vishal Kumar Rowena Fong, Katorina Williams, Mohammed Irshad Latif and James Baledrokadroka.
             11. Financial Analysis of Fijian Holding Limited by Kameli Vakalevulevuya, Inoke Maravu, Valetino Seritukana and Vilisi Mati.
             12. Financial Analysis of Atlantic & Pacific Packaging Company Limited by Angelin Chen, Reanu Ramani and Racheal Elaise.

Management of Business Finance (MBF) Dissertations Supervised:

             1. A Study on the growth of the Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability in India with special reference to Jan Dhan Yojana, by Abhishek Kumar, 2014-16 (Currently being pursued).
             2. Study of the Financial Sustainability and CSR Activity of ACC Limited in Indian Cement Industry, by Ravi Kumar Singh, 2012-14.
             3. Risk Management in Forex Exchange at Sharekhan Limited, by Prashant Kumar, 2012-14.
             4. An Empirical Analysis of CAMELs Approach on Indian Private Sector Banks, by Parikhit Ghosh, 2012-14.
             5. HDFC Bank on the Route to Financial Inclusion in Rural India, by Jitender Singh Thakur, 2012-14.
             6. Employee Turnover: A Study of its causes and effects on Kotak Mahindra Bank, by Ginny Agarwal, 2012-14.
             7. Design & Implementation of Corporate Debt Restructuring Strategy at ABC Ltd., by Deeksha Gupta, 2011-14.
             8. Study of Financial Sustainability of Dalmia Cements, by Varesh Mundel, 2010-12.
             9. Feasibility Study – A Case Study of Him Bio Agro, by Shikha Bajarh, 2010-12.
            10. Impact and Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on Yes Bank, by Nikhil Raj, 2010-12.
            11. Impact of Rising Fuel Cost on the Profitability: A Case Study of NTPC Limited, by Mudit Chandan, 2010-12.
            12. Evaluation of Increasing Stake in OCL for Market Expansion by Dalmia Cements (Bharat) Limited., by Dipti Joshi, 2010-12.
            13. Performance Evaluation of Axis Mutual Fund with its Peers and Portfolio Optimization Modelling, by Anuj Kumar, 2010-12.
            14. Investment Opportunities in Uninor, by Varun Rastogi, 2009-11.
            15. Albert David: Looking for Expansion (Mergers and Acquisitions), by Vaishali Jain, 2009-11.
            16. Personal Financial Advisory, by Rahul Nigam, 2009-11.
            17. Stock Market Volatility and Investor’s Investment Decision, by Gaurav Kumar Gupta, 2009-11.
            18. Performance Analysis and Critical Evaluation of Public Sector IPOs with Private Sector IPOs, by Ankit Agrawal, 2009-11.
            19. Equity Appraisal of PQR Company Ltd., by Vivek Joshi, 2008-10.
            20. Detail Study of Bharti Zain Deal, by Vinita Kumari, 2008-10.
            21. Efficient Portfolio Management: A Study of Heterogeneous Investors, by Vidhan Sharma, 2008-10.
            22. Cash Management: An Analytical Study on Different modes of Investment for the Surplus Funds, by Tulika Saxena, 2008-10.
            23. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation of Steel Companies, by Tarang Ketwani, 2008-10.
            24. Sanctioning Limits of Working Capital Facilities provided by Consortium of Banks to Sarawati Industrial Syndicate Ltd., by Swarnima Singh, 2008-10.
            25. Challenges to Penetrate for Banking in Rural Market, by Subodh Agarwal, 2008-10.
            26. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation of Cement Companies, by Sheh Lata Gupta, 2008-10.
            27. An Insight to the Logistic Industry with Special Reference to CMG Worldwide, by Adity Kumar, 2008-10.
            28. Key Challenges to Manage Margin Shortfall, by Akash Vijay Vergia, 2008-10.
            29. Portfolio Optimization of Nifty Midcap 50 & CNX Nifty Junior, by Anand Kumar Agrawal, 2008-10.
            30. Feasibility Study of Indian Commodity Exchange on Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model, by Anjani Kumar, 2008-10.
            31. Equity Analysis of Indian Automobile Sector selected Companies, by Ankur Sharma, 2008-10.
            32. Feasibility Study of Investment Banking with Reference to Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd., by Arijeet Anand, 2008-10.
            33. Dynamics of Stock Market: An Analytical Study of Indian FMCG Sector, by Ashish Chugh, 2008-10.
            34. Quant Hock: An Analysis of Portfolio Management, by Dhanpat Sonawat, 2008-10.
            35. Indian Cement Industry: A Case Study of Selected Companies, by Hitesh Chugh, 2008-10.
            36. Equity Valuation of Oil Companies (IOC, ONGC, BPCL, ESSAR & ABAN), by Kavneet Kaur, 2008-10.
            37. Expansion Strategy of HCL Info. system Ltd., Mahak Kataria, 2008-10.
            38. Study of Credit Enhancement and Structuring in Debt Capital Markets of MP Financial Corp., by Mausam Boruah, 2008-10.
            39. Assessment of IFRS Adoption at IFFCO, by Monika Pattanayak, 2008-10.
            40. Ways to Increasing Market Share in Regional Rural Banking, by Nagendra Singh, 2008-10.
            41. Valuation of Top Three Major Players of FMCG Sector to suggest the client for Investment, by Pavan Kumar Gaur, 2008-10.
            42. Technical Analysis based on Volume of Top 5 Steel companies of India, by Rajat Kumar Saha, 2008-10.
            43. Managing Currency Risk Exposure and Effect of RBI Intervention in Forex Market, by Ravi Prakash, 2008-10.
            44. Analysis of Attrition in Tata Consultancy Services, by Ravi Kant Berwal, 2008-10.
            45. Waste Control at MPPL, by Sanjay Garg, 2008-10.
            46. Analysis of Telecom Sector, by Seema Singh, 2008-10.
            47. Management in Frozen Demat Accounts, by Shashank Jaiswal, 2008-10.
            48. Jubiliant Organo Sys: Patenting Norms & It’s Financial Implications, by Shivani Gupta, 2008-10.
            49. Ambattour Municipality Project Bid, by Abhishek Trivedi, 2007-09.
            50. Debt Schemes of LIC Mutual Fund, Gaurav Sharma, 2007-09.
            51. Growth Prospects, Trends & Investment Analysis of Equity, by Javed Kashif, 2007-09.
            52. Construction of Portfolios by Using CAPM, Neeraj Kumar, 2007-09.
            53. Values & Forecasting of C&S Electric Ltd, Nidhita Jain, 2007-09.
            54. Assets Liability Management of Yes Bank, by Preeti Priyadharshini, 2007-09.
            55. A Comparitive Analysis of Growth Schemes of LIC Mutual Funds, Ragini Jha, 2007-09.
            56. Analysis of Project Financing in JSPN, by Rahul Kumar Navratta, 2007-09.
            57. Power Sector Analysis & Valuation of NTPC Ltd, by Ravindra Kumar Sahu, 2007-09.
            58. Study of Retail Sector Impact of loyalty on Consumer Buying Behaviour, by Shilpa, 2007-09.
            59. Investment Opportunities in Derivative Funds, by Rohit Kumar Vyas, 2005-07.
            60. Realty of Realty Funds, by Amit Rana, 2005-07.
            61. An Empirical Study of Determinants and Causes of NPA’s In Indian Public Sector Banks, by Shweta Trivedi, 2004-07.
            62. Economic Evaluation of Power Plants, by Shantanu Singh, 2004-07.
            63. Commercial Vehicle Funding to the Custom House Agent, by Charu Arora, 2004-06.
            64. Feasibility of Coconut Complex for Developing Crush Spread Options for First Commodity Exchange of India Ltd., by Navaneeth Krishnan C. S., 2004-06.
            65. Indian Steel Sector- Analysis, by Rajat Prabhakar, 2004-06.
            66. Pooled Investment Vehicle of Equity and Commodity, by Harilal S. L, 2004-06.
            67. Risk Management Strategy for a Firm, by Shipra Singh, 2004-06.
            68. The Practices of Credit Risk Assessment in Banking Sector, by Shweta Tayal, 2004-07.
Invited Lectures, Session Chair, Judge, Address and Speaker:

             1. Moderator for 3rd Panel Discussion on “Alternative Financing and Innovations in the Consumer Credit & Leasing in the era of new age Technology” part of Global Summit- Cum- Exposition on Leasing, Hire Purchase & Consumer Credit - "Building Assets @ Ease of Finance” on Friday, 4th May, 2018 Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, India. You tube link:


             2. Speaker at International Conference on Disruptive Technologies: Path Ahead 2023, April 13, 2018 at Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, Rohini, Delh.
             3. Judge for Social B-Plan Competition, Finance and Investment Cell, St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, on 17th March 2018 at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.
             4. Invited Lecture on Union Budget Analysis 2018 and GST for Members of Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) at Chemsford Club, Delhi on 10th February 2018 at Chemsford Club, New Delhi.
             5. Session Chair and Judge for Research Paper Presentation for 18th International Business Summit & Research Conference INBUS-ERA, Amity University Campus, Sector 125, Noida, UP on 8th February 2018.
             6. Panelist for the Panel Discussion on “Disinvestment”, part of the National Finance Festival, Das Capital 2018 on 11th January 2018, St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi.
             7. Panelist for the Panel Discussion on “Implementation of GST in India”, part of the Centenary Annual Conference of the Indian Economic Association (IEA), Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur on 28th December 2017.
             8. Presentation on “Role of Financial Institutions in Make in Steel” at Business Session on “Make in Steel – Make in India, Demand Drivers, Innovation & Concerns” organized by ASSOCHAM India as a part of India Steel Summit 2017 on 9th November 2017 at Hotel Taj Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi. Assocham TV Link:


             9. Invited lecture on “Goods and Services Tax – Latest Developments” on 14th October 2017 for Members of Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) at Chemsford Club, Delhi.
             10. Judging Panel for Research Paper Competition 2017, organized by The Finance and Investment Cell, St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi on 25th October, 2017.
             11. Speaker and Panelist on “GST” organized by Amity University, Greater Noida, UP on 5th October 2017.
             12. Inaugural Address on “Corporate Values and Ethics” at the World History Conference – 2017 organised by Amity Institute of Social Sciences, Amity Univeristy, Noida on 4th October 2017 at Amity Campus, Noida.
             13. Panelist and Moderator Representing ASSOCHAM at Technical Session on “India-Cyprus-Trade & Investment Partnership Opportunities” organized by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, Republic of Cyprus, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Conferederation of India Industry on 27th April 2017 at The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.
             14. Speaker for Industry Perspective at National Conference On “Make In India & Educate in India: Role of Higher Educational Institutions In Making India As An Education Hub” organized by Federation of Industry, Trade and Services (FITS) on 12th October 2015 at Hotel Lalit, Delhi.
             15. Invited Lecture on “Reforming Agriculture: Policy Issues and Perspectives”, at Central Island Agriculture Research Institute (CIARI) on 19th November 2014, at Port Blair.
             16. Speaker on “Clean Energy Financing Partnerships: Policy Issues and Perspectives” organized by ASSOCHAM in Seminar on Financing & Regulatory Issues in Renewable Energy Trends and Challenges on 13th October 2014 at Hotel Royal Plaza, New Delhi.
             17. Speaker on “Unlearning for Success” at the book release function of Mr. K. K. Verma, organized by Innovative Institute of Unlearning at DMA Seminar Room, Delhi, India, on 13th September 2014.
             18. Presentation on “Career Opportunities in Finance – Indian Institute of Finance” at Dyal Singh college, University of Delhi, Lodhi Road, Delhi on 29th August 2014.
             19. Speaker at CFO Roundtable on “Transparency in Financial Statements” on 25th April, 2014 at Assocham Corporate Office, New Delhi.
             20. Speaker at Roundtable on “Debating FEMA & Need for FDI in India” on 21st March, 2014 at Assocham Corporate Office, New Delhi.
             21. Speaker at Business Session I on Policy & Regulatory Framework at the National Conference on “Mining in India – The Way Ahead”, organized by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) at Hotel The Lalit, Delhi, India, on 5th March 2013.
             22. Research paper titled “Behavioural Aspects of Portfolio Goals and Constraints: An Empirical Study based on factor and contingency analysis” was presented at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau, Macau, China on October 19th, 2011.
             23. Speaker at Business Session II on Corporate Governance: Transparency/Proper Disclosure & Compliance at the National Conference on “Graduating from CFO to CEO”, organized by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) at Hotel The Park, Delhi, India, on 16th September 2011.
             24. Speaker at Business Session III on An overview of warehousing scenario and funding options at the International Conference on “Recent Advances in Warehousing Management”, organized by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) , Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority and Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India at ASSOCHAM House, Delhi, India, on 27th May 2011.
             25. Presentation on “Financing and Insurance of Leather Exports” and “Medium Term Plan for Leather Exports from India”, organized by Council of Leather Exports, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India at Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi, India, on 23rd December 2010.
             26. Special Address on Prospects of Infrastructural financing in Warehousing at the National Conference on “Warehousing in Semi Urban & Rural India – Issues & Solutions”, organized by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) at ASSOCHAM House, Delhi, India, on 15th November 2010.
             27. Speaker at Business Session III on Financing and Viability at the National Power Conference 2009 on "Catalyzing Investment in Power Sector", organised by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) at Hotel Le Meridien, Delhi, India, on 4th December 2009.
             28. Speaker in Plenary Session II at the 3rd India Steel Summit on "Sustainability and Inclusive Growth", organised by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) at Hotel Le Meridien, Delhi, India, on 8th July 2009.
             29. Invited Lecture at National Conference on "Forecasting Financial Markets in India (FFMI-08)" organised by Vinod Gupta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, West Bengal, India from 29th-31st December 2008.
             30. Chair Seminar at the National Conclave on "Private Equity In Infrastructure", organised by Venture Capital Association of India (VCAI) at The Claridges, Delhi, India, on 11th September 2009.
             31. Chair Address at 7th EuroAsian Entrepreneurship and Management Network Conference on “HR Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management in India”, organized by EuroAsian (Netherlands), Centre for International Trade in Technology and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) at IIFT Delhi, India, on 22nd October 2008.

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