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Emeritus Scientists


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IIF Scheme for Emeritus Scientists

IIF has introduced a new scheme for retired/retiring social scientists of eminence for appointment as “Emeritus Scientists” or “Senior Fellows” to promote research in the area of finance and accounting. The objective of the scheme is to enable retired/retiring scientists to continue their scientific work in the field of their specialization in finance and accounting with a view to make use of their knowledge, wisdom and expertise acquired by such professionals during their life time. The scheme is specially designed because in a country like ours which is in dire shortage of highly technical manpower, and large amount of resources cannot be allocated to research to different spheres of research activities as required, we can not afford such scientists to abandon their research interest, enthusiasm and continuing work for lack of appropriate facilities after retirement.
Scientists under this scheme are given grants in the form of fellowships together with contingency grants to pursue research.


The Scientists for Outstanding Achievements are Awarded The Best Doctoral Thesis Award


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