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IIF Library is a reservoir of a large collection of information, sources, resources and services organised well for use of its students, faculty, alumni, researchers and public.

IIF Library plans to provide public facilities to unrestircted access to information in many formats and from many sources.

IIF Library plans to be digitalised to the extend to beyond the physical walls of the buildings by making its knowledge resources assessible by electronic means to anyone in the world and by providing the assistance of library staff in navigating and analysing vast knowledge resourceswith a variety of digital tools.

IIF has well equipped library with over 55,000 thoughtfully selected books on finance, accounting, management, economics, taxation etc The library has over 110 doctoral dissertations, 900 Academic Professional journals & magazines, has over 5000 latest financial statements of more than 500 private & public sector enterprises and financial institutions.

IIF library has government reports, reports of international agencies such as World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank, Stock Exchange Directory, Statistical Abstracts of different States, Newsletters and large number of other publications. IIF library also maintains a good record of finance related articles published in various national & international newspapers and journals. IIF Library acts as Depository Library of various International institutions and agencies

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Academic Journals
Doctoral Dissertations
Annual Reports of Companies
IIF Projects and Working Papers
United Nations Publications
ADB Reports
IMF Country Reports
IMF Working Papers
IMF CDs, CD-ROMs, VCDs & Video Cassettes
World Bank Working Papers
WIDER Reports
IIM Ahmedabad Working Papers
Government Reports
State Government Reports & Budgets
Directories & Dictionaries
Audio Tapes
CDs & DVDs
Subscription Database

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