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Summer Training & Corporate Exposure

IIF has established the Placement and Career Development cell, which is managed by the IIf Graduates under the guidance of a Full Professor. The Cell counsels and helps students launch their career in the right direction. IIF'S outstanding summer training and Placement record sets it apart amongst the management institutions in the country. All students are required to go through a 8 weeks (2 months) Summer Training (Industrial Exposure) Most of IIF Students have gone through industrial exposure at the following institutions:

Placement Procedure

Details required in Response form can be emailed to plc@iif.edu We would request a small profile of your organisation. Thereafter CDC would try to schedule your visit for pre placement presentation and campus recruitment as per your convenience.

Placement Procedure
  1. „You can choose your interview schedule i.e. open schedule or closed/invitational schedule. In open schedule you can make an open offer to all the students for final placement or internship interviews. In closed /invitational schedules you can pre-select the candidates whom you would like to interview.
  2. IIF organizes various corporate gatherings thereby making students share the wisdom and enabling corporates to interact with the students.

  3. You can host a Company trek whereby you can invite students for an on-site visit of your esteemed organization.


  1. The majority of employers choose to interview students in our private, on-campus interview rooms. In case if you decide to interview IIF students at an off-campus location, please take into account the travel time required as students may have classes and kindly arrange for the traveling expenses if outside Delhi and NCR region.

  2. It would be helpful for the CDC to know where you are in your recruitment process. Your input is critical to our success. At the conclusion of the interview day, the recruiters are requested to provide confidential feedback on our students and our office which will be highly appreciated.

  3. Why Recruit from IIF

    IIF students have been trained to enable to enhance the four factors DICE, inducing transformation and adaptive capabilities to have more efficient organization system.

    D The Duration of time until the change program is completed.
    I The Project team's performance Integrity depends on member skills
    C The Commitment to change that top management and employees affected by change display.
    E The Effort over and above the usual work that the change initiative demands of employees.
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