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IIF in News (Year : 1992)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
26th, February 1992 The Economic Times Steps For Higher Revenue Receipts Hailed
1st March, 1992 Navbharat Times Udyogjagat Ne Budget Par Khushi Jahir Ki
1st March, 1992 Patriot The Common Man Is Livid
1st March, 1992 National Herald Growth Oriented' Budget Earns Praise
1st March, 1992 The Hindu A Pleasant Surprise For Many
12th March, 1992 The Observer of Business & Politics Economists Stress on Need To Cut Revenue Deficit, Check Inflation
15th March, 1992 The Hindustan Times Budget Proposals 'Will Only Deepen Crises'
15th March, 1992 National Herald Budget For All Walks
16th March, 1992 National Herald Gold Scheme To Check Inflation
19th March, 1992 The Economic Times Inflation May Settle Around 8-9 Per Cent
22nd March, 1992 Financial Express Seminar On Resource Mobilisation
23rd March, 1992 The Economic Times Presumptive Tax Urged On Farmers Having More Than 20 Hectres
23rd March, 1992 Financial Express Wide Support For Chelliah Proposals
23rd March, 1992 National Herald IIF For Taxing Rich Farmers
24th March, 1992 The Hindustan Times Funds For Vocational Training Demanded
26th March, 1992 The Economic Times Industry For Specific Budgetary Measures To End Recession
1st April, 1992 National Herald Debt Crisis Due To Wrong Policies
20th August, 1992 The Hindustan Times Scam Unsettles Banks
18th September, 1992 The Hindu Withdraw Price Hikes, Govt. Urged
18th September, 1992 Financial Express Govt. Continues To Draw Flak For Price Hike
20th September, 1992 National Herald Chelliah Panel Report Flayed
20th September, 1992 Financial Express Chelliah Report Termed Theoretical
21st September, 1992 Business Times Tax Reforms
14th October, 1992 Newsday Chelliah's Tax Reform: The Cost To The Nation
22nd October, 1992 Newsday Where Is The Equity In Giving Largess To Corporate Sector?
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