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Prof. Fredrick Amling ,
George Washington University,USA.
Prof. S.R Roa,
Cleveland State University,USA
Prof. D . S Ironmonger,
University of Melbourne,AUSTRALIA

Prof. Harold Bierman Jr.
Cornell University,USA

Dr.J.Malcolm Dowling,
Asia Development Bank,PHILIPPINES
Prof. Grzegorz.W.Kolodko,
Former Dy. Prime Minister & FM,POLAND
Mr. B.Marin-Curtoud,
Prof. Stephen P.Dresch,
Michigan Technological University,USA
Prof. Chikashi Moriguchi,
Osaka University,JAPAN
Prof. P.C.A Daudu,
Ahmadu Bello University,NIGERIA
Prof. Lucyana Frackewicz,
Academic Ekonomica POLAND
Prof. S.R. Rao
Cleveland State University, US
Mr. El Safty
ECWA United Nation,IRAQ
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